Gaming should be seen primarily as a source of fun and relaxation. At Bluechip, the main goal of betting is to provide enjoyable entertainment. If gambling stops being fun or if it’s pursued for reasons other than entertainment, and yet continues, it’s a sign of concern.

Upholding Responsible Gambling

At, we highly value the principles of responsible gambling. This page aims to equip you with information and tools to help prevent gambling from turning into an addiction.

Tips for Responsible Play

  • Setting and Adhering to Loss Limits: decide on a loss limit and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses.
  • Financial Management: never borrow money for betting.
  • Balanced Approach: take regular breaks and balance gambling with other life activities.
  • Emotional Well-being: avoid gambling when stressed, depressed, intoxicated, or facing similar issues.
  • Budgeting for Fun: bet only with money set aside for entertainment, not for daily living expenses.

Identifying Potential Gambling Problems

  • Assess Your Gambling Behavior: consider if you’re neglecting responsibilities to gamble, or if others have expressed concerns about your gambling.
  • Recognizing Unhealthy Patterns: reflect on whether you gamble more than affordable, borrow money, or gamble to recover losses.
  • Emotional Impact: note if gambling causes conflicts or if you think about betting excessively.
  • Rethink if Betting is a Solution: consider if you see gambling as a way to earn money or escape problems.

Steps to Take if You Suspect a Gambling Problem

  • Taking a Break: сonsider pausing betting and staying away from gaming sites.
  • Blocking Access: шnstall software to block internet gambling sites.
  • Seeking Professional Help: уngage with treatment centers or seek assistance from organizations like Responsible Gambling, Gambling Therapy, and Gamblers Anonymous.

Psychological Assistance

In addition to the supportive guidance from our Support Team, assistance for gambling-related concerns is available at This reliable Gambling Treatment Service offers a 24/7 freephone hotline and Live Chat support for immediate help.

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